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Look Deeper Netherfield...

Something strange is happening at Netherfield Primary School, Nottingham.  Suddenly one Monday morning things have changed.

A police style investigation tent has appeared within the school grounds.  Within it, is an unusual mound of earth, crater like.  Lights are emerging from the crater and strange sounds can be heard across the playground.  It is surrounded by police investigation tape and there are police spotlights on the scene. Smoke billows from the tent, safely secured by local community police officers. 

We need the wider community to help with our investigations.  Please add your comments on the blog page of this website as soon as possible.  The young people of Netherfield will tell you all about the strange happenings.

What is happening at my school?

An emergency full school assembly was called by the Headteacher, Mrs Jackson and the school is currently quarantined by a team of government scientists.  The government lead inspector, Mr Shrewsbury has asked the Headteacher if she is aware of what is happening in the school. A space in the school has become the base for the investigations to begin and the place for everyone to share their ideas.

There is nothing to worry about at the moment.  The local police force are aware of the strange happenings and are helping with our enquiries.

What is happening?  Could it be that the planners didn’t research the ground the school is built on properly?  Has the new building work opened up a new volcanic hot spot? What could have landed or chosen Netherfield as its base?

It is down to you – the school pupils and staff with our professional team of scientists to find out more… “Look Deeper”